Welcome to Command Performance Dog Training.  Our company is dedicated to one thing…100% client satisfaction.  We achieve this by providing excellent service at reasonable rates, a lifetime of support after your dog has completed it’s training, and a money-back guarantee on our premiere programs.
We offer programs in a wide price range and are confident we can offer you a program that will fit your budget.
But first, a word about behavioral training.  Most trainers are method trainers, and many of them are quite good at what they do. However, they are limited by the methods they use.  The distinction between behavioral and method training is simple.  Method trainers have expended their time and energy on learning what someone else has done with a dog. (e.g. the Koehler or Woodhouse Method).  Behavioral trainers study canine behavior itself.  We draw on the experience of other trainers; it would be foolish not to; but we base are decisions on how to work with individual dogs on a deep understanding of the dogs themselves.  That is the reason we can succeed where others may have failed.  We even know of method trainers who refer dogs to us that they have been unsuccessful with.
Another reason we are successful is that we understand that training your dog is only half the job.  The other half is your instruction.  After all, the goal is to have the dog work well for you.
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