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Basic Obedience
Two Week Basic Obedience
Our premiere program in basic obedience is a two week boarding training course. Your dog spends two weeks training with us. At the end of the two week program your dog is at least 100% trained in basic obedience and may have started into advanced.
Occasionally we get a dog that we can not achieve basic standards with in two weeks. If this occurs, with your permission, we will keep your dog a few more days to make sure they are where they need to be in training at no additional cost to you. You're not paying us for time spent or effort made, you're paying us for a specific results.
Though your dog is 100% when we bring them home to you we consider this the halfway mark. Now it's your turn. We work with you when we bring your dog home and continue to come out for a series of private lessons at your home. There is no set number to the lessons. We keep working with you until all of your skills are in place and the dog is responding well. We also encourage family participation. We will make sure that you and your dog are comfortable working as a team. It does not end there, however.
This program places us on retainer to you for as long as you own your pet. What this means is that if you ever have a problem with your dog, you simply pick up the phone and call us. We will happily do whatever it takes to insure that things continue to go well between you and your dog. You are our reputation and we need to make sure it stays an excellent reputation.
This program also includes a lifetime membership in all group classes and workshops. This not only includes basic, but also advanced obedience and specialty training (e. g. agility, tracking, field work) in our workshops. If you ever want to attend a group class or workshop you are welcome for as long as you own your dog.
You also receive a copy of our audio, video and workbook on basic obedience when we begin training. We even pick up your dog within a 150 mile radius with no additional cost. This program costs $1,250.00 and includes all of the above. 

One Week Basic Obedience
Our second program is a one week boarding training course. This a very good starter program. Obviously, we cannot accomplish the same level of conditioning in one week that we can in two. However, your dog will be at least 75% complete at the end of the week. This means your dog knows everything in basic, does it reasonably well, but is not to the level of reliability we would like to see in a completed dog. They are, however, past the hard part. When we bring your dog home we do a single private lesson with you to give you some basic controls and get you started off on the right foot. 
A very important part comes next. In order to learn the rest of your handling skills and finish the dog’s conditioning, you must follow up this lesson by attending the basic obedience group class. If you do not follow up, you will have wasted our time and your money, because you will not have the skills to handle your dog. We suggest a minimum of five classes to gain your skills.
With this program we’ll pick up your dog free of charge within a 50 mile radius. The video tape is also included. This program has a total cost of $650.00 including a lifetime membership in group classes and workshops.
Private Lessons
Private Lessons are a very different approach to dog training. In this program, you are the primary trainer. This makes the training program more difficult for you and your dog in most cases, however, the fact that your dog never has to leave your home is considered a major benefit by some owners. It is also the most appropriate program for some dogs, such as dogs that have serious issues with fear.
We start the process by coming to your home to meet your dog and drop off the audio video and workbook. Then we give you a few days to study them so you can lay in a foundation of information. After that we start a series of six lessons with you at your home.
Each lesson starts with us working with your dog, so we can use our expertise to teach your dog what we want and learn their idiosyncratic personality traits. Learning their personality is important. Subtle changes in handling based on the individual dog can have a major effect on the ease with which your dog trains. Then we teach you what we just did and why we did it. At that point, we have you work with your dog under our supervision, so we can help you get the correct handling skills. We then assign homework with a specific goal.
The minimum time between the lessons is one week. We know it is going to take that long for you to master your skills and get the needed level of conditioning done with your dog. The one week time frame is based on the assumption that you will be able to work with your dog at least four times per day. These are short sessions, but they need to be spaced at least one hour apart. If this is not a realistic schedule for you, then do the lessons with us every two weeks and work with your dog twice per day. This will slow the training process, but if anything, it will help insure the quality of the end results.
One of the factors in the price of this program is travel time for us, so the price changes depending on how far away you are from us. It runs from $550.00 to $700.00. You also get the lifetime membership in group classes and workshops.
A note about this program. We believe that for most dogs the one week boarding is a better option and in most cases it costs you about the same or less.

We teach our group classes differently from most trainers. Rather than a classroom environment where we are teaching everyone the same thing at the same time, we do mini private lessons with each person and their dog. This way we can let you progress at your own pace and if you miss a class you’re not falling behind.
When you join the class it is for the rest of your dog’s life for a one time cost of $150.00. This gives you access to all the group programs; basic, advanced and all workshops at no additional cost.
Basic Group Class