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Advanced Obedience
  Two Week Advanced Obedience 
The premiere Two Week Advanced Obedience Program is similar to the two week basic obedience program, but has completely different goals. You must have already completed one of our Basic programs.
Your dog will learn a variety of commands that are meant to increase its trust in you. The commands have a higher level of difficulty than the basic commands, such as long range control. Afterward, you should be able to take your pet anywhere you would like off leash. The cost of this program is $1,300.00.

Group Advanced
The Advanced Obedience group class is for people that have successfully completed Basic Obedience and want to do the advanced work themselves. The course is a long one (four to six months) and we take it slow. When you take the leash off of your dog for the first time in an unconfined area you should already be sure that your dog will do what you want in any situation. This course is structured as a continuation of any of the basic programs. There is no charge for advanced group. It is included in the lifetime membership you get when you do any of our basic programs.